Road to Redemption

How far would you go to change your world? To change yourself?
If we have learned anything from the wars we have fought, it is that we owe a debt of gratitude to those who bear the burden of protecting our freedoms and our security.
Often, once the bullets stop flying, the real battle begins. Wounds, both seen and unseen, follow us home.
R2R (The Road to Redemption) is a special project intended to take an international group of combat veterans and endurance runners on the journey of a lifetime. Through shared sacrifice, suffering, accomplishment, and friendship we hope to show that no veteran stands alone - that your brothers who were there with you on the battlefield still have your back - and that no opportunity, no challenge is too great.
Through multiple small events we wil train up the atheletes and crew to make an epic 1000 mile journey across one of the last great stretches of untamed wilderness left in the United States.
We are working to gain support of industry and individuals to make this a completely funded endeavor.
We are currently accepting nominations for partcipants (combat and combat-wounded veteran), volunteers, medical, logistics, ultra runner, pacers, general support, fundraising, and sponsorship. If you, or someone you know, fits the bill, R2R is waiting.
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